Our Programs


One smiling face can tell an entire story.

Celebrating and caring for children. Camps bring hundreds of children together to play, learn and share with each other. With trained Belizean coaches, we help each child play hard to improve their soccer skills while incorporating important lessons that help develop their character as human beings. We also work with local leaders to form teams and connect nearby communities for practices and games. The camps are journeys of discovery where children learn what it means to be a Champion--on the field and in the heart of God. More than 750 children have attended our camps.

It is hard to reveal all the benefits and change that have come from our camps. One smiling face can tell an entire story--of how they have been cared for and celebrated. The stories are plentiful. From orphans finding father figures to girls having the chance to play and gaining self-confidence to youth coming into their own leadership roles, the effects are transforming communities. Not only has change come locally, but the relationships being built have brought children and adults together from several communities, all with positive results. In the short-term we look forward to training more leaders from more villages to run camps for their children in order to allow for even more growth across the country. In the long-term we are excited for the day when campers turn into coaches and become the agents of change within their own communities. 

> Camps give hope for a community