Our Programs

Coaching Training

In 2006 Miguel Medina of Cristo Rey Village asked us, “Is there any way you could teach us how to coach?” The sincerity in his eyes let us know the degree to which this training was needed. From our time with Miguel and our first workshops in 2006, we learned that in order to help the children, we had to train those who would be leading them. In Belize the idea of a coach was still unclear. Many believe that sports is all about victory, and that the coach is a sort of dictator that is not caring or kind. Facing these kinds of misconceptions, our journey with coaching training began. Since that question from Miguel, 186 Belizeans have attended our workshops.

If camps and school programs are our future, the degree to which we can train coaches will be the indicator of how successful our programs will become. We have held clinics for coaches each summer. Each clinic curriculum has been modified and adjusted with input from the coaches in order to meet their needs and goals. 

> Equipping local leaders