Coaching Training - Lincoln Hall


Empowering local leaders to create lasting change.

Sometimes our idea of Coaching Training takes its own path. Such is the case in the village of San Antonio where we found a man named Lincoln Hall. A father of four and a lover of soccer, Lincoln works construction jobs during the day and coaches a group of children at night. His chiseled arms and shoulders tell of his long hours of manual labor, but it is his heart and mind that are building a brighter future for his village. He is quick to share his hopes for the kids in his village and even quicker to share his philosophy about how the sport of soccer should be played and the sportsmanship that goes along with the game.

San Antonio Village once was a vibrant place with a closely-knit community. The creole and East-Indian population majority grew up with numerous brothers and sisters and hundreds of cousins. San Antonio was a happy, tight-knit community. And while a sense of community and brotherhood still exist within San Antonio, much has been lost since the earlier days of innocence. Our friend Lincoln sadly described San Antonio's story of falling prey to substance abuse.

When the drug trade infiltrated Belize many years ago, the village of San Antonio took a major hit. Youth and adults alike turned to the available drugs.The destruction of many families and lives in their community left a tragic impact that still festers today. Lincoln says that he can remember a time before the brokenness, and he hopes his home can return to that peaceful state once again. Lincoln believes the kids are the future.

Sports Servants entered into partnership with San Antonio in 2008 through our introduction to Lincoln. An immediate friendship was formed and a trust in his spirit came from the first moments with him. His mind and heart seemed more connected and present than most men we have ever met. So as we began our journey with him last summer, we could only smile to think about the hope that is coming alive through an organized structure of play for the village.

It was clear to us that we did not need to create any new programs in San Antonio. Lincoln’s desires and actions match and surpass our own for the village. But Lincoln and his team have clear needs in the form of coaching resources and equipment. We have aided Lincoln and his group of children by giving some assistance in the form of soccer balls and cones. Before we arrived, San Antonio had one ball for the entire village to share. Today they have 20. We have also given Lincoln coaching books and materials that will allow him to lead in a structured and technical way. Going forward, we plan to continue supporting Lincoln and his efforts to bring about great change in his village. Our visits and time in San Antonio have been special because of the relationships we are building. The simplicity of San Antonio's needs teach us humility and gratitude everyday. But the greatest blessing of all is the joy we share together through sports, community, and spirituality.