Coaching Training - Teacher Training


Structured training brings powerful potential.

In Summer 2009,12 teachers came together to participate in the first ever two-week Sports Servants Coaching Training workshop. The main objective of the workshop was two-fold: to equip teachers to become soccer coaches; and to empower them as ambassadors for initiating a Sports Servants School Program. The course was officially recognized by the Catholic School Management in the Corozal District, and each teacher received a certificate from the Ministry of Education for completing the course. This was the beginning of a long journey forward for Sports Servants in developing a model of training teachers to run school programs that will change the face of their school and village in a positive way.

We found hope in the form of several teachers from that workshop who had never coached the game of soccer, yet realized its importance to their school and children. These teachers believed in the power of the sport to change their lives. Ramiro Castillo, a man who acknowledged his lack of coaching ability from the first day, is an incredible example of this hope. Like many of his colleagues, what Ramiro lacked in ability he made up for in his passion to care for and serve the children at his school. He was at the workshop to learn so that he could be a better man for the children he loves.

In each day of the workshop, Ramiro and the other teachers learned a little bit more about the game. They also discovered more about the ideals of sportsmanship and the values that can be carried out while coaching a team. Our sincere desire for them to learn and the care in which we taught them as individuals seemed to make a difference within each of them.

By the end of the workshop, the entire group had bonded and was eager to return to their schools to begin working with a group of children.They also yearned to inspire the other teachers who would be invited to take part in a school program but not had not through training. In a moment of reflection, Ramiro shared some of his thoughts with our Coach in regards to the growth he had achieved and his increasing passion for being a role model for his kids.

"Coach K, I want to thank you for your charisma. The energy you brought to us each day was very special. It was always positive. Even when I made mistakes--simple mistakes that a child would make--you built me up. And, you made me feel a part of this. And now I believe I am a part of this group".

He paused to gather himself for a moment and pointed to the sky, "I am asking God... that I might be like you. And for that I want to thank you."

Ramiro’s comments reveal how our core value of serving and loving Belizeans truly reaches the Belizean hearts. It also gives insight into the potential for our programs into the future. With such a strong model developing with relationships built in Belize, we are poised to train even more teachers in the future and, in turn, develop even more school programs for more children.