School Program Initiative

We see organized school programs as the most powerful way to grow and expand the Sports Servants’ movement. Schools are seen as the life of a village. In addition to being home for children during the day, schools provide a structure that is already in place and a group of mentors-their teachers-who are most invested in helping children. Instead of creating something new in a developing world, we find it better to go with what already exists, especially when principals and teachers are crying out for a program like ours. They agree that soccer is the best medium to reach the children. With strategic relationships built throughout the school system, the school environment is the perfect place for Sports Servants to focus our efforts for empowering lives and transforming communities.

We have heard from the Belizeans themselves that our school program initiative will have a long-term and permanent impact on their communities. The good news is that we have really covered so much ground. The difficult part seems to be behind us--from navigating a different culture, building relationships to spark the first programs, and convincing leaders that our programs can indeed change children’s lives. The experience has come through hard work and sweat equity in Belize. But now, we see the way we can expand and we know it will be fruitful.

How does it work?


How we continue


Our goal is to offer our program to every school and community in Belize. We need your help to do so.


Belize News Story on School Programs (3 min)