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School Programs

We see organized school programs as the most powerful way to grow and expand the Sports Servants’ movement. Designed as a model for expansion, the school program is centered around Belizean teachers serving as year-round coaches for their students. The children participate in practices and games during PE periods and after school hours, while also learning invaluable life skills that are weaved into the program. By participating in a structured program and receiving proper instruction and guidance, the children will grow immensely from such an experience. We are encouraged by what is already happening in Belize and believe there is much more to come. We are currently working with the Corozal district of Belize – 327 teachers from 41 schools who serve an estimated 8,000 children. Read about our School Program Initiative.

Why Schools? Schools are seen as the life of a village. In addition to being home for children during the day, schools also provide a structure that is already in place. Instead of creating something new in a developing world, we find it better to go with what already exists, especially when the principals and teachers are crying out for a program like ours. With the relationships built with school leaders and the natural fit for teachers to work with children, the school environment is the perfect place for Sports Servants to focus on empowering lives and transforming communities.

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